Commercial Storage
September 28, 2020

Renting Commercial Storage for Your Business

Are you reaching the point when your business just needs more space? Experts at Trindle Self Storage in Carlisle PA can match you with the right commercial storage to match your business needs. Choose from interior, temperature-controlled, and drive-up storage units to start organizing your business today!

Factors to Consider for Commercial Storage

Interior/Temperature-Controlled StorageĀ 

Because Pennsylvania weather can be unpredictable, it is helpful to have some peace of mind when storing. Temperature control keeps storage units in a specific temperature range so the items inside do not get damaged. Damage can be caused by extreme temperatures and fluctuations in temperature and can take the form of mold, mildew, misshaping, and rust. Protect your items from all of these with temperature control. Our interior storage units do not have temperature control, but they still provide the extra security of have an interior entry point with extra walls and locks between your items and the outside.

Drive-Up StorageĀ 

Exterior-access storage is convenient for those who plan to store heavy or large items. Pull your vehicle up to your storage unit door to unload directly into your storage unit. This minimizes unnecessary heavy lifting. Drive-up storage is also helpful if you plan to regularly swap a good amount of items in your storage unit. It provides easy access to your items at convenient hours.

Inside Your Commercial Storage Unit

Check with your facility before storing any items you are not sure about. For example, storage units can hold painting supplies but cannot store paint itself because it is flammable. Here are some items that businesses commonly store in self storage:

  • Tools
  • Equipment
  • Inventory
  • Shop Display
  • Restaurant Furniture
  • Documents or a Filing System

Storing with Trindle Self Storage gives you the ultimate flexibility. If you need storage for only a few months, our month-by-month leases assure you will be covered, and you will have to pay for only the amount of time and space you need. You can also choose to store long-term and make Trindle Self Storage your primary business storage location. Organize your inventory and files all in one safe place.

Commercial Storage in Carlisle PA

Do you run a business near Carlisle PA? Trindle Self Storage on Trindle Road has everything you need to start organizing your business. Rent temperature-controlled, drive-up, and interior storage units right off I-81 and Route 641. Take your business to the next level today with commercial storage from Trindle Self Storage!