Winter Vehicle Storage Carlisle PA
December 17, 2020

3 Tips for Winter Vehicle Storage in Carlisle PA

Tired of your extra vehicle taking up space in your garage or on the street? You can leave your vehicle with Trindle Self Storage for trusted winter vehicle storage in Carlisle PA. We have you covered with outdoor parking and drive-up storage up to 300 square feet. Talk to one of our storage experts about the best storage option for your vehicle. You can also organize your home or business with the help of our interior and temperature-controlled storage units. Start storing with us today, and follow the tips below to prepare your vehicle to sit in storage.

1. Clean the Inside

Besides the weather, the biggest threat to your vehicle while in storage is pests. They are looking for food and shelter during cold months, so do not give them any reason to be sniffing around your vehicle. Get rid of trash that has piled up, and vacuum well to pick up crumbs.

2. Wash the Outside

Your paint should stay looking shiny and new as long as you take proper car of your exterior. Before storing your vehicle, wash it and wax it. This will help protect against scratches and rust.

3. Fill Up Your Gas Tank

The last thing to do before dropping off your vehicle in storage is to fill your gas tank. When there is extra room in the tank, moisture can build up, causing your car to accelerate poorly later. When storing your vehicle for an extended period of time, add stabilizer to the gas tank, and change your oil.

The Best Winter Vehicle Storage in Carlisle PA

Our self storage facility on Trindle Road is right off I-81 and York Road. When you need storage help, our professionals are available on-site or over the phone to answer any questions. They can get you set up with the right winter vehicle storage in Carlisle PA to fit your needs and budget. Rent storage to move in immediately, or reserve your storage for future use!