5 Winter Items You Can Now Put into Storage

It’s finally time to break out all those fun summer clothes and accessories. From now until the end of August, we’re going to be having fun in shorts, tank tops and sleeveless sundresses. Forget about the boots and the jackets — it’s time for flip-flops and light throws. In other words, say “see you later” to all those winter items cluttering up the house.

So rev up your truck or car and get ready to take any or all of the following winter items to your self-storage unit:

#1: Anything related to the winter holidays

Anything that screams “Halloween”, “Thanksgiving” or any other winter holiday can be securely kept in storage until September. Make sure to label each box clearly for easier decorating when the time comes.

#2: All of your winter clothes and accessories

Most people have pounds of clothing they won’t wear until at least late August. Do yourself a big favor and clean them, then put them into your self-storage unit. Your closet shouldn’t be cluttered with heavy wool garments when it’s 90 degrees outside!

#3: Your snowblower and other winter tools

Unless you’re sure that your shed or garage is totally safe, we recommend removing all the liquids from your snowblower or other winter tools and devices, and then taking them to your nearest self-storage unit.

#4: Heavier winter blankets and other bedclothes

Although you’ll want to keep some heavy blankets at your house for those cooler summer nights, there’s no reason to stuff them all in your closet or — worse yet — the damp basement or humid attic.

#5: Winter toys and sports equipment

Chances are good you won’t need your sleds or skis in June or July, so unless you’re planning to take them on a trip to the Arctic Circle, you might as well store them offsite. They’ll be ready when the snow flies again!

One reminder: When you’re at your storage unit, be sure to pick up all the summer stuff you put away last year. Now’s the time to grab those boogie boards, patio furnishings and planters!