Give Back With Trindle Self Storage

Trindle Self Storage is your one stop shop when you are moving or re-organizing the house for the holidays. Now, we want your help to give back to those who need our support most. The holidays are a time to share with the ones we love and be thankful for everything we have. We are happy to be part of a community that cares for one another and we want to pull together and give back for the holidays. With our tenants’ and neighbors’ help we can make a positive impact on so many lives. While you are out shopping remember to pick up some non-perishables for Project Share.

Give Back


Project SHARE, or also known as Project Survival Help And Recipient Education, is a charity organization serving Carlisle, PA and surrounding areas. Through business donations, food drives and volunteer support they can help so many in our area. We are encouraging our community and helping spread the holiday spirit with food donations. This organization originated in 1985 and included 66 local congregations and businesses. They have since grown to over 200 businesses, schools and neighborhood members. Project SHARE makes it their mission to provide food, nutrition education, and links to programs to empower people in need.

With community wide assistance they have helped over 1000 families a month; 20% of those families are elderly and 30% of them have children.  Families who accept this generous donation receive one weeks’ worth of groceries for the family; which consists of 50 nutritious food items. Each box costs Project SHARE about $15 per box and each box has a retail value of $175.00. Project SHARE encourages the recipients to take an active role in helping the organization. While working with the food bank, recipients gain work related skills, team building qualities and a helpful supportive family to lean on.

Let’s celebrate the community we live in this holiday season and give back. We want to make donating as simple as possible, so the next time you stop in to get moving tips, or just to say hello, bring a food donation and make a difference.