Get Your Summer Gear Ready

Is your family scheduling all the vacations for the summer? Enjoy the warm weather knowing your treasures are safe and sound at Trindle Self Storage in Carlisle, PA.

We know it’s a struggle to keep all the gardening tools, patio furniture and camping gear in one place. That is why we are the best option for your summer gear! Check out how you can get started below.


summer gear

Patio Furniture:

Those summer storms can be tough on your furniture. Keep a cover over them when they are not in use.

From melting popsicles to BBQ chicken your seats go through a lot. Spray them down or clean them after every party.

The neighbors will be thrilled to have some reprieve from the summer sun. Replace your canopy every other season to ensure it lasts all season.


Kayak / Canoe:

Your canoe is well protected from the elements in a storage unit. Protect it even further with a cover.

Remove any leaves or sticks that traveled home with you.

Lean your boat against the wall or on a shelf. This will make it challenging for animals to get in and save room.

Plastic is tough but when it is out in the sun it deteriorates. Inspect the rigging and boat to before getting on the water.


When planning this summer keep Trindle Self Storage in mind!

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