Kick Out the Clutter With Pinterest

Are you ready for spring cleaning? Bust out of the winter blues and bloom into spring with Trindle Self Storage. We care about your belongings and want to give you the best tools to kick out the clutter with Pinterest. Pinterest is full of useful information for cleaning, recycling old items, and coordinating your life. Check below for easy links to follow and start organizing!

Kick out the clutter with Pinterest



  • Step one, make a plan! Make a list for each room of everything that needs done. So you don’t forget anything use one already made on Pinterest.
  • When searching for ideas, be as specific as possible. Don’t just search kitchen, instead search for kitchen cabinet organization.
  • Before saving a pin, click on the photo and verify the site is working and has useful information.


  • Reduce the waste in your house! The object is to discard items you no longer need, but some objects can be reused elsewhere in your house.
  • Moving a whole house or just switching rooms? Moving is stressful, so find organization tips to stay ahead.
  • Check out these household cleaning hacks to keep your space spotless.
  • Don’t let your closet or dresser over take your bedroom.
  • Keep the mess out of the bathroom with these easy steps.
  • Cookouts and BBQs are the highlight of the summer, so make sure your kitchen and outdoor space are ready.


  • If budgeting is new to you and you need some help figuring out the finances, find what works for you on Pinterest.
  • Make budgeting fun with challenges. Pack your lunch the whole month, or don’t buy certain items; you will be surprised how much you save if you make it fun.
  • payoff plan will stop stress in it’s tracks. Tackle your finances with a paying schedule that you can handle.

Make a plan, get to work, and budget for life; use these steps to stay on top of your clutter. Trindle Self Storage cares about your belongings and we want to help you kick out the clutter with Pinterest. Stop in for supplies to get started, advice to stay motivated, and links to help with creative solutions.