Packing tips to prepare for successful storage

What do you need to keep in mind when storing? Trindle Self Storage knows the storage packing tips to help a first time renter as well as the seasoned customers. Warmer weather gets us all thinking about the house, is it time to sell? Do you want to make a few improvements? A storage unit can guard your personal assets so you can go about your business of finding a home or improving it. Before you arrive at our storage facility use the list below to put things in order, that way it is a seamless move.

Carlisle PA storage packing tips

  • Do some research about which unit is best for you. A 5×5 unit will hold a few boxes while the large 10×30 unit stores property from an entire home.
  • Pack vertically in your unit. Rather then keeping everything on one level, put shelves in and expand upwards.
  • Protect wood and leather furniture with the correct sealant.
  • Stop dampness from the floor with a heavy duty tarp. Pallets also provide a few inches to allow air through the area.
  • Make sure you have the proper packing materials. Foam peanuts or newsprint should be added to the list to store fragile pieces.
  • If you are storing machinery like the snow blower, remove fuel and oil. Remember to check what is appropriate for storage.
  • Would you prefer movers for the big items? Get a few bids from local companies and then keep the one you choose in the loop of changes or special details.
  • Asking friends to move the majority of your possessions is a great solution to staying on budget.

With Trindle Self Storage packing and storing does not feel overwhelming. We make sure to provide you with the best of the best, secure storage and convenient answers.

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