Simple staging with the help of our storage space

Moving involves coordination and patience, with Trindle Self Storage you have everything you need to make the most of this experience. Our Carlisle PA storage space is the solution for protecting your belongings when staging your home is the best option. You do not have to spend a fortune to make your house look amazing. Find easy do-it-yourself tips below.

storage space Carlisle PA

Clearing out

Once you have decided your family has outgrown the space you are in, it is time to get it ready for a new buyer. Clear out furniture and belongings not necessary. Storing these out of the house is best instead of rearranging, if you take away some of the extras your buyer will be impressed with the simplified look. Take down photos and decorate according to the season.

Kitchen and Bathrooms

These are two very important spaces when buyers come to look at a potential property. They should be looking there best at all times. So, pay close attention to the nooks and crannies when you are cleaning, and move utensils from the kitchen and under the counter to storage. Taking away items you do not need will open this area and show off the possible options. When designing an area, keep it clean with crisp colors.

Quick tips

  • Bake a fresh batch of cookies to get the house smelling good.
  • An air freshener is also a good way to appeal to the senses.
  • Make a small room look larger with a mirror and brighter light bulbs. Only use mirrors in a few rooms so the house is not overloaded with the same design.
  • Plants from outside bring life to a dark room, you can even place a few vases of flowers around to add some color.

Moving and storing is our specialty and we are ready to guide you through the process.

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