The Best Valentine’s Day ever (on a dime!)

What used to be full, but is now emptier than the roses during Valentine’s Day? Your pockets after Christmas. But, no need to worry because here at Trindle Self Storage, we want you and your loved one comfortable during the season of…romantic, but cheap. We are more than just just self storage in Carlisle, PA. We’ve collected a few facts and have decided to share them with you in order to make your holiday as special as can be.

Movie Night- Pop in your baby’s favorite chick flick, butter up some popcorn, and let the cuddle session begin.

Mix it up- No matter how cheesy it sounds, a mix tape filled with love songs is the right beat to a girl’s heart.

And the other way into her heart is through…- Her stomach! Who said it was only men that love food? Make her some of her favorite dishes, and top it off with anything chocolate.

What light through yonder window breaks- For it is love notes, and your words are the key! What girl doesn’t love getting fan mail? Especially if it compliments her and tells her how lovely she is.

Take the day off- Both of you take a day from work and chores, and just enjoy yourselves together.

Couple up with Ben and Jerry- Valentine’s Day doesn’t always call for elegant food, so get a few pints of her favorite ice cream, and watch her melt.

Go back in time- Who said time travel is impossible? Instead of doing something different, recreate your first date.

Say it Already!- If you haven’t yet, just tell her you love her often. It’s that easy.

How much are these going to cost you, you ask? Less than nothing. You don’t need money to be romantic or to show someone how much you care. Just whip together a few, simple things, and your night will be magical in your Carlisle, PA community!

Source: 997 Now