5 Storage Supplies That Will Benefit Your Move

Storage Supplies

Are you getting ready to pack up your belongings as the winter season approaches, but have no idea where to store everything? Even trying to figure out all the storage supplies you may need during this process can become challenging. That is why we at Trindle Self Storage are here to assist you during this journey. Merchandise that is beneficial for moving to storage along with having a completely safe and secure facility are just some ways how we can be of great help!

Here at Trindle Self Storage, the confusion and potential stress of moving your personal items to storage are eliminated. When you are going through this moving process, using our suggestions and tips will allow for an easygoing journey!

What Storage Supplies Will You Need?

  1. Dust Covers – Protect your larger items from damage due to dust, water, or dirt.
  2. Locks – Add an extra layer of protection to your storage unit, which then allows you to be the only persona able to have access.
  3. Tape – Use to completely secure all boxes packed and you can never use or have too much of this material.
  4. Boxes – A wide range of sizes can be beneficial in order to have better organization when you pack away your belongings.
  5. Bubble Wrap – Adds an extra layer of protection when packing, especially on your fragile and valuable items.

Take a trip to our office and uncover countless amounts of additional storage supplies that are useful during a move!

The Benefits of Purchasing Supplies Here…

The Susan G. Komen Foundation is fighting breast cancer more than any other organization on numerous fronts. So throughout the month of October, as we act on Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we will donate a portion of each merchandise sale to this foundation!

At a standstill with trying to figure out how many boxes or rolls of tape you need for your move? This is where U-Haul’s supply calculator can come in handy.

It can be easy to continuously second guess yourself on what size unit is the best choice for you. Try giving our storage calculator a chance to help find the right unit size for you! Interested in renting or reserving a storage unit? Check out our units available page and find the unit you want! If you choose to reserve a unit, we will hold that space for you for up to two weeks. In doing this it allows you time to come out to our facility and give the unit a look plus have a conversation with our store manager.

Trindle Self Storage is fully aware that moving personal items of theirs into storage is unfamiliar with many people. That being said, with the help of our storage professionals and tools we have to offer, your move to storage will be a breeze. Discover our Trindle Self Storage facility in Carlisle PA.

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