Back To School With Local Storage Tips

As summer draws to an end do you find yourself scrambling to get the kids organized for school and straighten up around the house? Here at Trindle Self Storage, our solutions go beyond the local storage options in Carlisle PA, we are your experts for organizing as well!

The kids are either back in school or preparing for the first day, either way, being ready is key to a great start. Make sure they are ready with these easy tips for around the house.

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Organization For The House

  1. Have extra supplies at home. Tin cans are great for sorting pens, pencils, and glue sticks.
  2. Save those hectic mornings with an extra bag of general items the kids may have forgotten as they were running out the door.
  3. Use a drop-off and pick up station close to the door for bookbags, lunches, coats, and anything else needed every day.
  4. Pick up a few easy to grab lunch snacks to make packing lunches simple. Get healthy alternatives you and the kids like.
  5. Start the school year with minimal hiccups and set timers to get them out the door on time.

Fall Storage Tips

  1. Properly store your summer clothing with InStyle.
  2. When headed to the storage unit use sturdy bins with labels to keep everything arranged according to the activity.
  3. Before closing the storage unit door, make sure tires on your lawnmower are reading the proper PSI.
  4. Use our temperature controlled storage units to keep items that may be affected by the cold.
  5. If you plan on putting toys in the storage unit, clean them off and discard any that are broken. You may be able to donate a few toys that did not see much action this summer.

Rent online today to start storing or reserve your storage space for up to two weeks. Trindle Self Storage is more than your local storage solution in Carlisle PA, we offer tips to keep your gear safe in storage. Get ready for cooler weather with our self storage answers!

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