Carlisle PA’s Best Storage and Storage Supplies

When you are looking for self storage resources, come to Trindle Self Storage. In addition to offering interior and exterior storage units, we also sell storage supplies at our Carlisle PA facility. Make Trindle Self Storage your destination for all things storage in the Carlisle and Schlusser area. Find storage in person or online. Then you can prepare and pack with these tips!

1. Make a Supply Bag

While packing, you will constantly need access to all your storage supplies, like tape and bubble wrap to properly seal your boxes. A good way to make sure you do not lose supplies as you go along is to throw your commonly used items in a bag that you can bring with you through rooms and to your storage unit. You will always have easy access, and it reduces the risk of you leaving supplies behind and forgetting about them. You can stock your supply with storage supplies from our Carlisle PA office. A percentage of our October retail sales will go toward cancer research through Susan G. Komen for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. 

2. Write Down What Is in Each Box

Some people like to heavily label their boxes, so they know what is inside each box when they go to unpack. Labeling boxes and bins at least with the room helps to organize your storage unit and your unpacking process. If you plan to reuse your boxes and do not want to write all over them, any type of list will work for organizational purposes. Listing the contents of each box will make it easier to find specific items later. For example, there will be multiple kitchen boxes, but only one is holding the serving dish you need for a party. You do not want to have to dig through all of them to find that dish. Just check your labels or cheat sheet, and move to the next task.

Storing and Finding Storage Supplies in Carlisle PA

Trindle Self Storage is just outside of downtown Carlisle and only 8 minutes from Dickinson College. We offer a variety of commercial and residential storage options at affordable prices. You can choose to rent long-term or sign a month-by-month lease to allow for flexibility. Whether you need to store your whole house contents or just a few holiday decorations, we can take care of you and your belongings. Rent or reserve your next storage unit through our contactless storage rentals!

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