How to Invest In and Find Houses to Flip

How do you find fixer-uppers to flip near you? Trindle Self Storage can help you find and flip a house within your budget with this guide on flipping houses for beginners. Keep our storage facility in mind to stay organized when you undergo the construction phase of your flip!

how to find houses to flip

Tips On Finding the Right House to Flip

Neighborhood Research

When buying a house, one of the most important things to consider is what kind community is it in? What is the cost of living like? Is it in a good school district? Are there high crime rates? Take some time to research neighborhoods for insights into these questions before making an offer on a house. Use New Silver Lending’s state-by-state guide to house flipping to begin your market research.

Did you set a pre-renovation budget? Outline a firm budget that doesn’t put too much of a strain on you financially. Once you’ve done your research, you’ll be able to weigh out all variables and determine if the house is a sound investment.

Finding Leads

Zillow is an excellent option for those interested in finding houses that are up for sale. It doesn’t just show you what’s available, but also has tips on how to buy houses and information about the different aspects of house flipping like Buying a Foreclosure or Home Sellers Guides!

Don’t rule out local auctions either. Foreclosures are homes that have been bought by banks and are left sitting unsold. Auctioning off these properties helps raise money which could be used towards debt reduction. Oftentimes, you will need to pay for these properties in cash. If you have the means, you can get them for great deals!

Lastly, real estate agents specializing in house flipping can be a valuable resource for you. These experts know all about the neighborhoods and industry secrets that will help ensure your success, whether it is just one deal or many transactions!

Staying in Budget

The key to making smart home improvements is identifying which projects are outside your scope and budget right from the start. It’s not a good sign if you find you’ll need to sink more money into a project right form the start than initially expected. If that’s the case, it is probably best to look at alternative fixer-uppers to invest in. A few issues we recommend avoiding are:

  • Fixing water damage or broken plumbing
  • Repairing problems with the foundation or house structure
  • Bathroom or kitchen expansions
  • See more

Trindle Self Storage in Carlisle, PA

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