How to Pack a Storage Unit: 3 Basic Tips

So you’ve rented a self storage unit, but how can you best take advantage of your new space? Trindle Self Storage is here to support you throughout the entire storage process, from finding and renting your unit to packing, to moving your items in and out. Our professionals are available to answer your questions and provide clarification on the rental process and our selection of indoor and outdoor units. Read more to learn how to properly organize your storage unit to make the most of your rental!

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Tips on How to Pack a Storage Unit for Easy Access

So you have rented a storage unit and are now looking for ways to make the most of your space. By packing efficiently, you can set up your boxes and storage unit for quick stops down the road. Create easy access, along with a system to keep your belongings organized long-term.

1. Organize Your Unit by Item Size

Furniture, exercise equipment, and other similar large items should be loaded into your storage unit first. Similarly, larger items should be pushed firmly against the storage unit’s wall. These large objects can become a foundation upon which you can stack other items. Store smaller boxes and season items closer to your entrance for easier access.

Always check the weights of boxes before you attempt to stack them. Items on the bottom should be heavy and sturdy, while items stacked on top need to be a lighter weight.

2. Label Everything

Create an inventory checklist of any items you are packing into your storage unit. You can keep an easy-to-access notebook to reference where to find specific items. If labeling usually helps you keep track of your belongings, you should label any plastic bins or boxes with their contents—or even just noting the room of the house in which the items belong. Taking photos of your items is another great way to keep track of items placed into storage.

Organizing at the beginning will save you headaches down the road!

3. Pack and Store Your Boxes Properly

It is important to pack your boxes completely to keep items from moving around and knocking into each other. Use loose towels or packing materials to fill out any remaining space. Always store heavier boxes at the base of your storage unit, so you can avoid crushing fragile objects. Then keep your lighter boxes and other items on top of the stack of sturdy, heavier boxes with clear “fragile” labels.

Visit Trindle Self Storage today for all of your moving and storage supplies! We can stock you up with a a set of new, sturdy boxes, as well as the bubble wrap, you need to protect your items. Read more useful storage packing tips!

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Trindle Self Storage offers safe and secure self storage to the Central Pennsylvania area. The facility offers temperature-controlled storage units to ensure the best possible care for your belongings—no matter the season!

With our indoor storage, we also provide peace of mind with our preventative pest control program. Trindle Self Storage values the safety and security of their customers. The facility has monitored gate access, with discreet, personalized keypad access to the facility. Only tenants and staff members have access to the gate, so there is no extra foot traffic around your storage. Find your storage unit in Carlisle, PA, with your trusted local self storage facility! Rent today!

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