How do you know which storage unit you need?

Whether you are looking for a drive up storage unit, temperature controlled environment or large square footage, Trindle Self Storage in Carlisle, PA can improve your home or business space. Don’t get stuck trying to fit all your gear into a small 5×5 storage locker when really a 10×25 is what is needed. Start with our sizing chart to see what we recommend for each circumstance.

Carlisle, PA

10×5: Small Closet

Where do you keep your seasonal equipment? If it gets stacked in the basement or the snow blower is over taking the breezeway consider a small 10×5 unit. There is just enough space for each seasons tools. During the summer you need a space for the shovels and bulky clothes, find the space you need with one of our smaller units.


10×15: Ideal for Large Items

This larger unit is ideal for the bigger items in your home. Whether it’s the king size bed or the dinning room table you’ll have space for both. Don’t let lack of space stop you from moving or remodeling your home.


10×20: Store the WHOLE House

Moving soon? Don’t panic when it’s time to move the whole house, we have a variety of convenient storage units that will hold the large packing boxes as well as the small lamps, and tables.


10×30: Great for Your Home and Business!

Maybe you need a storage unit for the business documents or the household extras. You will not run out of space with our largest unit. Store the washer, dryer, kitchen table and all your business materials in one safe space.


Temperature Controlled: For the Priceless Items

We know you want the best and safest location to keep your gear; with our temperature controlled units in Carlisle, PA you can be certain every item is taken care of. There are many benefits to keeping everything in a controlled unit.  From battling the summer heat to staying warm in the winter, this is a must have for absolute peace of mind.


When it’s time to relocate the home or business don’t get overwhelmed when choosing the right storage unit.